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Nayabs Take Away Food Shops

289 Buchanan Road
Parson Cross
S5 8AU
0114 2315580

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Cuisine types: Indian

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Reviews for Nayabs Take Away Food Shops (4)

Very poor food left over from night before

habib - 19 February 2014

I've been here several times the food I bought was left over from night before I've also been told when the staff go to the toilet they don't wash there hands and they wash there bottom with water they don't allow staff to use toilet paper this practise is called istanja ask any muslim about washing with water as I am a muslim my self so in my opinion its not hygein its filffy. I go to imrans at wicker I rate IMRANS 5* please take this to your acount.

saleem - 03 November 2013

In my opinion this takeaway the staff don't wash hands also don't use toilet paper, they use water to clean there bottom if you don't believe me ask any muslim for this practise ( istanja) I use to eat there there food is left overs and they don't use toilet paper that shows you!!

adnan - 01 November 2013

I had a special mix donner in nan with some chips,
I got to say the kebab woz very nice A***,
There woz to much for me and mrs to eat so i left
The rest till the morning
Staff are nyc and friendly to say it woz my first tym

Well dun lads at nayabs

Gary - 21 May 2012